Nutribuddy Before and After


My long awaited Nutribuddy results are here! If you read my last post you will have seen that I'm expecting a baby which is why this post is so delayed, I have been excited to share with you my results although my waist is no longer as tiny because of the baby. I am however excited because I know that Nutribuddy works and it will be a part of my life again after I have the baby to get back to my body. Enough of my rambling, below on the left is my before and the right is after 2 weeks of having one shake a day and taking the multivitamins and hungerfix. 

I was so impressed and when I took the second photo and compared it to the first I was amazed! I had more energy which helped me with exercise but in my head I wasn't expecting to have toned up and lost fat from certain areas. The funny thing is where I enjoyed the flavour of the shake so much it didn't feel like it work because nothing that tastes good is healthy but this definitely proved me wrong.

I would honestly recommend this to anyone, I've already recommended it to a few close friends because I now swear by it. Whether you want to get fit and change your complete lifestyle or you're looking for a healthy way of losing weight before a big event then I would 100% say try Nutribuddy.

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