Gold Glitter Cut Crease


I am obsessed with glitter right now but it can be so tricky to use. I love a dramatic look and this sparkly cut crease just ticks all the boxes. Whether you're hitting the town or going to a wedding, this glittery eye look will make an impact. 

Step one: Prime your face. I used the Avon magix face perfector primer. I like this primer because it gives your skin a matte finish and I even put this on when I'm barefaced to eliminate any shine.

Step two: Colour correct. I'm not one to massively colour correct my face. I've tried correcting my redness before but sometimes I just find it an unnecessary step on my own face. However I do like to use a yellow tone on my under-eye darkness. I find it just brightens up that whole area and adds a bit more coverage. The colour concealer I'm using is just a yellow one from Primark which actually does a pretty good job.

Step three: Apply your foundation. I'm currently loving the Revlon Photoready airbrush foundation mixed with my Bourjois healthy mix foundation. It's such a high coverage mix and its very blendable.

Step four: Contour. If you've read any of my tutorials then you'll know this is my basic everyday contour.

Step five: Highlight and bake. Apply a generous amount of concealer under your eyes, on your chin, down your nose and the centre of your forehead. Blend this out carefully and then add heaps of translucent powder on top.

Step six: After about ten to fifteen minutes dust off the translucent powder to reveal your airbrushed looking face.

Step seven: Bronze up your face. I mainly focus on my temples and my cheekbones with the bronzer.

Step eight: Fill in your brows. I just use a brow pencil to define the structure of my brows and then blend out with an angled brush.

Step nine: Using a peachy toned eyeshadow, blend out your crease and diffuse this upwards towards your brow bone.

Step ten: Using a small brush, draw a line in your crease using a dark brown eyeshadow or alternatively you can use a brown eyeliner.

Step eleven: Blend blend blend. When blending make sure you blend upwards and outwards so that you don't drag the crease downwards.

Step twelve: Apply the glitter. Use a glitter adhesive on your mobile lid or alternatively use eyelash glue. Then using a flat brush pack the pigment onto your lid.

Step thirteen: Apply your liner. You can make your wing as long or short as you like. I like to drag mine out a bit further so it makes a bit more of an impact.

Step fourteen: Highlight the inner corner of your eyes and under your brow bone with an illuminating highlighter.

Step fifteen: Add your lashes. My lashes are the ones which I showed in my ebay haul so they were a complete bargain.

Step sixteen: Blend out a brown shadow under your lashline and add mascara to your bottom lashes.

Step seventeen: Using the highlighter you use on your eyes, sweep some across your cheekbones, the tip of your nose and your cupids bow for a beautiful illuminated, dewy look.

Step eighteen: Pucker up. On my lips I'm using Candy K by Kylier Jenner. I love this colour because it's not to over-powering and it lasts all day!

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  1. This makeup look is amazing!

    That eyeliner is on point and the gold glitter compliments your skin tone perfectly!

    Lovely blogpost!
    Francesca xx

  2. It would be a perfect new year's make up look!

  3. Your make up is on-point and I'm totally in love with Candy K!


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